For weeks there has been an ongoing battle in my household. Thanks to TOMY toys, Soccerborg has sparked a serious competitive edge in my daughter! Soccerborg is a remote control soccer game in which the players are replaced by robots! Friends and family can go head-to-head dribbling, tackling, passing and shooting to win the match. At first I was unsure if this game would be any fun for my young daughter, however the second we opened it up she was ready to beat me any way she could! There was a learning curve with the remote controls, but once everyone go the hang of it….it was GAME ON! I absolutely love that this game targets both parents and children so it can easily be something the entire family can enjoy. We aren’t even big soccer fans, but we are still obsessed with the friendly competition Soccerborg brings! We are currently battling with #TeamMom and #TeamKids with Team Kids several points in the lead. I can’t even begin to explain how much fun this game has been for us. Soccerborg is extremely easy to learn, and even easier to become addicted! This has been such a huge hit, and I don’t see the hype dying down any day soon! 20180623_152200.jpg

Game Details: Dribble, Tackle, Pass and Shoot with Soccerborg! Soccerborg combines all the competition and thrill of ‘the beautiful game’ with innovative RC technology, putting the fate of every soccer fan’s favorite team into their hands! Each Soccerborg pack comes with 2 robots, 4 bumpers, 2 balls, 2 remote controls, 2 goals and 1 sticker pack to design your robots. Soccerborg 2 robots and 2 remote controls requires 10 AAA batteries – not included Ages: 6 years and up.

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  1. How fun does this look? I know my kids would absolutely love it, although they’re all highly competitive so it would probably end in tears!


  2. I think the smile on your daughter’s face tells you everything you need to know about the game. She obviously loves it! I wish my nephews were of an age where they would be into this game. It seems like a great and fun way to spend time with family.


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