Hill’s Science Diet Soft Savories with Peanut Butter & Banana Dog Treats

Sometimes I realize that I need to be more cautious about what I feed my furbabies, especially when it comes to snacks. These Hill’s Science Diet Soft Savories are not only tasty, but are healthy to! These natural treats are made with zero artificial flavors or preservatives and real peanut butter is the first ingredient! They are also made without corn, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives! My dog Olaf loves these treats and always begs for seconds, and I feel so good knowing that he is getting some of the best quality treats on the market! I have heard so much about Hill’s Science over the years, but have never really had the need to purchase the brand. If the rest of their product line is like these treats, then I can’t wait to share more of them with my favorite little pup! These treats come in several different flavors including Chicken & Yogurt and Beef & Cheddar. I can’t wait to see if the other treats are as big of a hit as these Peanut Butter & Banana ones are!

Buy these Hill’s Science Diet Soft Savories today!PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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